Hiring a Band? Tips to help simplify the process

Having live music for your celebration will create an experience and energy that can’t be beat. Whether it is a fundraiser, corporate event or wedding – hiring a live band can seem complicated and many people may not know where to begin. We are here to simplify and help maximize the fun at your event. With our many years of experience, we are happy to share some tips/considerations. Here are some common overlooked parts of hiring a band to help simplify what’s involved:  

1. Make sure there is enough space for your band. 
Consider the size of the performance space for the band – the bigger the band, the more space you will need. Of course, bands can be flexible and accommodate if space is at a premium. It is usually best to provide a stage and have the dance floor close to performance area. This help creates more of an interactive experience and connection between the band and your guests.  

2. Providing power for the band’s equipment. 
One thing that can easily be overlooked is having enough power for the band. It is common that a band will need 2 to 4 separate 20-amp circuits. These circuits should be dedicated for just for the band so the sound system or amplifiers on stage don’t shut down while you and your guests are in the middle of an epic dance set. If your event is outdoors, it is necessary to make sure a generator is supplied with stable power.  

3. Access to the Venue – Provide enough time for the band to set-up. 
If the band is performing in the same room as the cocktails or any other part of your event, it is best that the band set-up and soundcheck far before any guests arrive.  

4. Taking care of the band. 
A little bit of hospitality goes a long way. Usually the musicians and tech crew may have traveled from far away, arrive hours in advance to set-up and soundcheck to make sure everything is perfect. Leaving the venue to grab a bite may not be an option. Providing refreshments for the band is always appreciated before they give you and your guests the show of their lives. Having a Green Room or place where the band can change into their performance attire is always recommended if possible.  

These are just a few of the common overlooked parts of hiring a live band. It always is best to work with an experienced band that can help make sure your event is memorable and successful. Our team of event professionals are always here to help and handle these details for you. 

With Gratitude,

Susan Foster – Executive Producer 
Encore Event Entertainment